About Us

Positive Steps UK is a specialist health service, based in the North Cotswolds, offering:

 Training and consultation to professionals

  • Restorative supervision

  • Support and advice for parents-to-be and parents of children aged 0-19 years

 Positive Steps UK will help:

  • Professionals to support their practice with children, young people or families who may be experiencing emotional, behavioural or relationship based difficulties.

  • Parents to build on what they already know about their children.Key messages from research on brain and child development are used to help make family life more rewarding and ultimately a happier one.

  • Developing knowledge and understanding emotions can effectively reduce unwanted behaviours and promote positive interactions between practitioners and/or parents and their children



Jill Delaney, RGN, RHV, BSc(Hons) founder of Positive Steps has an NHS career spanning twenty five years across a range of settings and delivering services within many areas of health, education, social care and voluntary sector. She has been a registered health visitor for 18 years, of which 8 years were based in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) designing, developing and delivering the parenting   strategy and the Solihull Approach parenting programme ‘Understanding your child’. This is run nationally and is the only programme to have been awarded the CANparent Quality Mark Award, by the Department of Education, in 2013.

Jill has delivered training and conference speeches nationally and internationally. She has published papers on the Solihull Approach parenting research and articles on mother-infant relationships and  was awarded the Excellence in Quality award in 2008. She also holds the British Psychological Society Certificate in Clinical Supervision.

As a founder member of The Solihull Approach and a National Trainer, Jill has co- written many of the Solihull Approach practitioner and training manuals. For further information on the Solihull Approach please click here.

As Senior Clinical Supervisor and founder member with the Restorative Clinical Supervision team, Jill took a lead on developing the roll out and delivery of the programme to health visitors in NHS Trusts across the country.