Would you like help with:

  • Understanding your child’s behaviour?
  • Managing temper tantrums or teenage mood swings?
  • Increasing your child’s independence, developing resilience and confidence?
  • Preparing for parenthood?
  • Improving sleep habits and promoting healthy eating?

Positive Steps UK is a specialist health service based in the North Cotswolds offering support and advice to parents, parents-to-be, children and young people.

Positive Steps UK will help parents to develop their knowledge to better understand emotions, reduce unwanted behaviours and promote positive interactions with their children. Key messages from neuroscience research on brain and child development are used to help make family life more rewarding and ultimately a happier one.

 What parents and children have said:

 “I found it really helpful to talk to Jill and my little boy is now sleeping through the night, it has changed our lives for the better, thank you” Mother of 4 year old

 ” I feel much more confident now about making decisions and managing my anxiety ” Thomas, 12 years old, Stourbridge

 ” The visits helped me to understand my son better and his behaviour has changed too, we get on much better now” Mother of 13 year old

 “We feel calmer and much better able to cope now” Father and Mother of baby Charlotte

 “Jill has helped my son to become more confident and for us to change our approach to dealing with anxiety and worries. It has all been very positive, thank you” Richard, Father of 12 year old

” I have felt completely relaxed and this helped me to talk through my feelings and clear my head of worries. I am now taking positive steps to tackle things and feel much better, thank you very much” George, 19 years old