Restorative Supervision

Restorative supervision uses ‘containment’ to allow acknowledgement and processing of emotions to help restore the ability to think in the supervisee. Also, ‘reciprocity’ which focuses the professional’s attention on the quality of the interaction and relationship both between themselves, their teams and the families they care for. The third theory, of behaviour management, is used in the context of boundary setting, contracting and time management both within and out of the supervision sessions.



per person


Restorative Supervision can provide you with…

  • Protected time to reflect on your physical and emotional health
  • A safe and confidential space to explore the impact of work pressures
  • An opportunity to discuss challenges faced and new ways to overcome them
  • Time out to reflect on your work/life balance
  • A chance to explore feelings, concerns or worries​
  • Someone to challenge your ideas and ways of thinking to help improve outcomes
  • Way to help reduce stress levels
  • Opportunity to encourage and enhance good working relationships both within the team and with families, children and young people
  • Clearer way of thinking, improvements to your general well being and the service you provide


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